Three Destination Spots that Won't Always be There

venice“Someday, I'll go there” is something many avid travelers tell themselves between trips. However, for some cities, this might not always be possible. Although many are working to save the following cities, scientists have proposed that they will cease to be visitable in the next century. Unfortunately these cities are among the most famous tourist destinations in the world. On the other hand, fortunately you still have time to take a memorable trip! Visit these cities while you still can! They’re all beautiful in unique ways.

Venice, Italy

Venice has sunk about 24 centimeters in the last century, and if trends continue it could flood completely. Currently the government has undertaken a plan to save Venice from rising water. Venice is home to the famous water canals and romantic and historical sites, so there are plenty of things to do on vacation. For the culinary travelers out there, Venice is home to some of the best Italian food on the planet!

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City rests on its own source for drinking water, meaning that the more water is drunk, the lower Mexico City sinks. With 20 million residents, this sinking may be as much as 9 meters per 100 years. Mexico City is home to amazing architecture, rich historical sites, and amazing art and history museums. There is no shortage of things to do on vacation there!

San FranciscoSan Francisco, CA

Scientists say that San Francisco, CA is due for an earthquake of a magnitude of 7 or higher by 2086. San Francisco is world-famous for the things to do on vacation: sample its cuisine, visit its famous Alcatraz prison, drive down its steep streets, and of course walk or drive across its Golden Gate Bridge. You may also visit its art museums, its famous China town, and its bay-side restaurants and beach.

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